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If you want to go skiing in South Africa then the best option is skiing in the Drakensberg. You should not specially come to South Africa to ski, but rather to experience the spectacular natural wonders and wildlife that South Africa offers and just maybe on the side throw in some skiing.Snow is not that common in South Africa, but there is one dedicated ski resort in the Eastern Cape of South Africa called Tiffendale. They even have a snow machine so between June to August you are almost guaranteed some snow. This resort has a 700m long ski slope with lifts, instructors and ski and snow board rental so all you have to do is arrive and you will be on the slope in the majestic Drakensberg Mountains.

The lifestyle around the skiing is what is important and there is good alpine style accommodation, good food and of course a great bar and much partying to be had. If you love the mountains, good spirits, some skiing and partying, then you can find it here in South Africa.

There are other places where one can ski in South Africa and Lesotho like Sani Top in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains but none of these are formal areas so you have to really be keen and adventurous. If you have the money and are lucky with the snowfall, there is some wild and unchartered heli-skiing to be had, but the runs are not that long.

Explore the uniqueness of Southern Africa and throw in some fun skiing for the party and just to see how it is done in South Africa