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Roberts trip to Namibia

Posted by on September 19, 2012 in Featured Destinations | 0 comments

Roberts trip to Namibia

It was still raining when we were in the Waterberg – now we know why it is called that! Luckily the rains had stopped when we went further north, although we did see large areas that were still flooded and small towns under water. This did lead to some very exciting and challenging driving conditions. We experienced roads that normal South Africans would not see in a lifetime. The pass in the north, called Van Zyl’s Pass, down from highlands through the mountains to the valleys in the west next to the desert, was washed out and closed. This is generally considered a huge challenge for 4X4’s in dry conditions and one is advised to only drive down the pass westwards, as it is very steep and no one maintains this pass. This meant that we had to take a big detour and got quite lost on roads that must have vied with van Zyl’s. Up on the Angola border, we saw the Kunene River in flood and the Ruacana and Epupa Falls flowing strongly. This is unusual, like once every 20 years, because they have built a hydro dam in Angola that stops most of the water.


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