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Tea Leaves and Sea Breezes

Posted by on February 25, 2013 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Tea Leaves and Sea Breezes

Think Sri Lanka, and trekking is rarely the first thought that springs to mind. But the unusualness of the destination is also half its charm; quiet trails lead up verdant mountainsides, passing beneath the groaning boughs of dense forests. The distinctive call of monkeys and the roaring of waterfalls punctuate the stillness between the remote villages in the hill country, not another walking boot or rucksack in sight.

Sri Lanka is the jewel-shaped island that seems to hang off the Indian subcontinent. This nation has had a tumultuous history, but is most famous for its incredible nature, beautiful beaches and hospitable people.

Sri Lanka is not only a great destination to explore new cuisines, culture, history and breathtaking natural surrounds but is perfect for a trekking adventure, close to none. Enthusiasts can trek through the untouched World Heritage conservation area of the Knuckles Mountain Range, past rice paddies and brushing the vibrant, emerald-green tea plantations of Dickoya, with the chance to pause for the perfect cup of tea. The drama of the 1000m drop at World’s End will leave hikers awe-struck, and the summit of sacred Adam’s Peak (2243m) offers a challenge.

Sri LankaThe finale to this spectacular scenic trek is the chance to spot a leopard slipping between the shadows in Yala National Park, before falling into a tranquil trance on the idyllic palm-fringed beaches, washed by the Pacific Ocean.

Nature’s awesome beauty and the ingenuity of mankind come together majestically in Sri Lanka. From pristine beaches to mountains and tea fields the diversity of the country is huge and has much to offer the traveler wish to venture ‘off the beaten track’.

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