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The Smaller Cruise Option

If you are looking for a more intimate cruise experience, which gives you more of an up close and personal experience of your destination we strongly recommend Variety Cruises. With ships accommodating only 55 people, you get more of a family like atmosphere and very often after a few days on the cruise most guests are already on a first name basis.  As there are smaller groups it is possible to spend more time at each port and therefore have more of an in-depth exposure to the cultures and history of each destination. Unlike the larger cruise liners, the focus lies more in the destination and ports of call as opposed to the actual on board experience, therefore entertainment and excursions are done at every port, where guest can come and go as they please.  With guides to take you around the sights of the towns or villages, whether you prefer a secluded beach or a night on the town, there are many options in each port for your entertainment.

Ports of Call and packages include Greece, Aegean, Cyclades, the Black Sea, West Africa to name but a few.

Set sail with Unashamed Travel and allow us to find you your perfect Cruise Holiday special.