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Travelling in Taste

Posted by on April 8, 2013 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Travelling in Taste

Let’s be honest, often sightseeing is just something to fill the time between meals, right? Not everyone is fond of museums or beaches, but everyone eats and perhaps this is what led to the origin of gourmet or culinary tourism.

With ethnic food as a major food trend, there are many foodies out there just itching to travel to exotic and historical places, prepare the foods of these highly regarded cuisines in their rightful place, meet the artisans that produce the raw ingredients, and absorb the atmosphere and culture that surrounds every new recipe. There are so many things that simply cannot be taken from books, the smells, the taste, the secret ingredient, the spirit.

Food travel is one of the most popular and growing niches in the travel industry. Whether the focus is on healthy eating, culinary or gourmet cuisines, when it comes to food travel, tourism’s future remains bright and exciting and the great thing is that there is no shortage of options. There are classic foodie favorites like Paris, Singapore with its street-food stalls, and the frozen-in-time local hangouts along the canals of Venice. Trafalgar also provides family experiences like no other, creating your own chocolate bar at America’s famous Hersheys Chocolate World, visiting a gelateria in Italy to see how gelato is made before tasing a variety of flavours, learn how to make paella in Spain and enjoy a unique farm-to-fork experience at an organic farm in Maui. Kids cooking classes are guaranteed to be an experience they’ll never forget in Rome as they join an expert chef for a lesson on how to make authentic Italian pizza [including how to throw the dough]. There are also unique opportunities for families to sample authentic dishes of a region and mingle with hosts at private homes, working farms and other exclusive venues.

Pizza in RomeFor those seeking a more exclusive culinary extravaganza, wine tasting cruises have been customized to showcase the cultural richness of Europe’s great waterways showcasing the acclaimed wine regions of the Rhone, Rhine, Mosel and Danube rivers. These special sailings feature renowned hosts and include complimentary wine tastings, lectures and excursions to historic vineyards and cellars. Passengers will sample award-winning vintages and enjoy exclusive wine-themed excursions.

World class patisseries will leave you in awe, Swiss chocolatiers will have you begging for more and the pure beauty of culinary art will have you coming back time and time again. Whether your vacation is about tasting street food or feasting at grand buffets, or fine dining restaurants, culinary tourism is a delightful way to eat your way around the world while learning about the people and culture of the areas you are visiting. Bon a petit!

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